How Does Your Website Look On Mobile Devices?


How does your website look like on Mobile Phones, Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, and Kindles?

To see how people view your website on a wide range of mobile electronic devices, simply go to and enter your web address. There you will be able to see your website as others see it.


Does your website page show up in a nice column format, or does it display just a portion of the page cutting off important information? Do you need to open up the screen in order to be able to read the text?


If it is not nicely displayed in a column format, then your website is not a responsive website. A responsive website is a site that adapts to different mobile devices and converts your web page content to a format that can be viewed and accessed easily.

Responsive Design Example

Example of Responsive Design

Non-Responsive Design Example

Example of Non-Responsive Design

Why is having a responsive website very important today?

Marketing Land ( reported in February of this year that over 40% of Internet time was spent using mobile electronic devices. Knowing this fact should prompt you to consider having your website converted to a responsive design.


When page content is viewed on a mobile electronic device that comes from a non-responsive website, the user of the device must manually adjust the display window to be able to look at the entire web page. Most people looking at a website on their mobile device will leave quickly if it is not a responsive site.


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