Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of writing page content that best matches the search engine’s search formula, along with creating proper Meta tags. This allows keywords/phrases to rank high in the “Organic” search results area in the Search Results Pages (SRP).

 Basic Search Engine Optimization requires a great title, an informative description and good content. But that is often not enough to achieve high search engine rankings. Sometimes a page can get a high ranking if there are few pages indexed for the primary keyword/phrase for that page. The best way to obtain high search engine rankings is to create a separate page for the keyword/phrase for which you want to obtain high rankings.

Search Engine Optimization

Creating SEO pages is a science, yet a mystery to most. Search engines cannot be tricked or fooled into providing high “Organic” search rankings. Some website owners have tried to do this and have gotten their website banned from the search engines. For the most part search engine are looking for good page content, written in the way they want.

Keyword/phrase density, where the keyword/phrase is placed in the body of the text; how many times the keyword/phrase appears; having the right title, heading tag, and Meta description; having the correct total amount of words on a page; and hundreds of other elements are used by Google and other to determine how high a page will be ranked. External links are also very helpful.

We have successfully written hundreds of SEO pages that have achieved high rankings on the major search engines. We can write SEO pages for small local businesses or businesses that want to reach a national audience.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services include:

  • Researching what the best keyword/phrases are for a business (ones with high monthly search counts)
  • Writing page content that meets both the needs of the client to get their message out while ensuring that the page content meets the latest SEO standards to obtain high rankings
  • Pre-testing each developed SEO page to obtain an initial reading on how well the SEO page will rank
  • Providing monthly reports showing exactly where the pages are ranked on the major search engines
  • Providing ongoing changes to the SEO page as needed to keep the ranking high