E-Mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing gives businesses a cost-effective method of sending out sale offers, news releases, and other communications. E-mail Marketing requires the development of compelling sales offers, a well-design mailer, and the proper use of e-mail lists.


E-mail Marketing like any form of advertising is a challenge. Your e-mail will need to be well designed, have a strong offer an obvious call to action, and most important, a strong subject line. The final challenge is the mail list. In-house lists work best, yet they need to be cleaned and targeted to the offer being made. Purchasing an e-mail list can be expensive depending on the types of e-mail addresses you need to reach your market.

Our E-mail Marketing Services include:

  • Compiling your internal email list or purchasing an email list
  • Writing sales offers, press releases or other communication messages for your business
  • Designing colorful e-mail letters
  • Sending out your e-mail
  • Tracking the effectiveness of you mailings