Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing was once an easy way to reach potential customers. However, over the years using this form of marketing became a challenge for many. This was due to the abundance of businesses using the same methods over and over again.

Public Relations

Public Relations is still a proven activity of getting the word out to the media about your products, services, and business announcements. Public relations services offered by USA Marketing Associates includes: press release writing and distribution, writing and submitting articles to publication both print and electronic, arranging for editorial tours, and developing press kits.

Article Writing

Article writing for publication in magazines and online websites is one of the most powerful tool by which a business can obtain creditability for its product, technical expertise and business knowledge.  Articles are viewed by potential customers as more credible than advertisements. Articles can also be distributed to existing customers, and potential customers to help position you business as the experts in your industry.

Press Release Writing

Press releases are the backbone of Public Relations. Press release can be more effective than running print advertisement in many cases. A good press release can be distributed to a handful of media outlets or thousands depending on the importance of the news. Most press releases today are sent electronically to the media, but it is always a good idea to send press releases to the editors of the most important publications serving your markets.

Media Placement

Media Placement includes researching and finding the best potential publications or websites to run your advertisement, obtaining the best price for the placement, and ensuring that the ads are schedule properly and meet the publication guidelines.

Marketing Plan Development

Marketing Plan Development is most often needed when a company is starting out, or has not had a well-development plan for years. The purpose of a marketing plan is to identify the steps that will be taken to reach a business goal whether it is used to increase sales, brand awareness, or other goals established for a specific period of time.