Build A Website and They Will Come!

The 1989 movie Field of Dreams was a fantasy that used the phrase "If you build it, he will come," which is sometimes misquoted as "If you build it, they will come." In the movie, Kevin Costner built a baseball field because he thought that "Shoeless" Joe Jackson would return and once again play baseball in the field.


If you build a website, will visitors come to your site? If you believe they will just because you have a website, then you, like the movie, are living a fantasy.
Today it takes more than just having a website to get visitors (potential customers) to come to your site.

Build A Website

You wouldn't design a brochure or catalog and not mail it out to potential customers, would you? No, of course not! Unfortunately, most website owners are doing just that with their website. They are not taking the proper steps to promote (market) their website and therefore they are not getting the traffic they should.

Today, the Internet (specifically search engines) is the number one source that individuals use to look for products and services, even for local sources. Without properly promoting your website, you will be sitting in the stands waiting for the game to start.

So, what do you do? The following list gives some of the best proven ways to get significant, quality traffic to your website of potential customers looking for your products or services.

Search Engine Optimization
Writing Blog Articles
Submitting Articles to Article Websites
Using Social Media
Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Internet Marketing Services

The primary goal of a well-established plan to promote (market) your website is to get your website listed high in the search engine results. Not just for the name of your company, but for keyword/phrases potential customers would search on when looking for your products or services.

This goal holds true whether you sell nationally or locally. With search engines being the number one place individuals go to search for products or services, don't you want your website to show up high in the search engines? Or do you want a "Website of Dreams"?

Where do you start to promote your website? Most website owners lack the knowledge of how to properly promote their site, so the best starting point is to find an Internet marketing company that has the experience to guide you.

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