Social Media Marketing and Other Site Now Rank High On Google

Achieving high rankings in Google's search results is getting more difficult as more non-traditional websites are now being spidered and indexed. If you are seeing your search engine rankings on Google slowly dropping, it's most likely not you, it's Google! Here's why.

You might have noticed recently that Google's search results are listing pages from sources other than traditional business websites. It's certain that Google is now taking a big interest in ranking within their search results, with more unique information. It most likely started when Google purchased YouTube three years ago and started listing videos from YouTube in their search results related to the specific keyword/phrases being used for the search.

With videos being hotter than the SUN as far as search popularity is concerned, Google made a very good choice in its purchase of YouTube. So what does that mean for individuals searching on Google? The first clue is that search results are showing small jpeg graphics of videos Google believes are relevant to the search. An individual who thinks the video would be of interest can click on the link and view the video on a personal computer.

However, what Google is now displaying in its search results doesn't just include YouTube. We are now seeing listings from LinkedIn, FaceBook, Wikipedia, MySpace, EzineArticles, Scribd, Flickr, Search Directories, and Twitter to name just a few. Yes, even Twitter is showing up on the first page of Google's search results.

This is both good news and bad news for website owners trying to obtain high rankings! The bad news is your previous high rankings in the search results might get pushed down to the second or third page. The good news is you can regain your rankings by taking advantage of all of the social media sites. In fact, it is possible to obtain several listings on the first page of Google's search results by providing good content to the social media, article, and directory websites, and good optimized pages on your site.

So if you are not using LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, EzineArticles, Scribd, Flickr, Search Directories, and Twitter, you should. And the best news is they cost nothing to use.
If you are using Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media websites for personal use, create new accounts for business "only" use.

Realizing high rankings on Google and other search engines using social media and other sites will require that your content be of high quality, and relate specifically to the keyword/phrase or phrases for your business.

If your business sells "home gardening supplies," for example, you will want your content to be written for this topic (keyword/phrase). Make sure you use the keyword/phrase in the title of your content, whether you are describing your business in your LinkedIn profile or if you are writing an article and submitting it to an article website.

One thing you should remember is that your social media site listings on Google and other search engines will not give you direct links to your website. Someone clicking on one of these listings will need to go from the social media site to your website with another click or two. The primary way to get potential customers directly to your website is with optimized web pages. The next best thing is all of the free Social Media sites that will help you generate more visitors to your website.